The Resurgence of Brass Hardware

The Devil is in the (Brass) Details – the Resurgence of Brass Hardware

by Concept II, October 5, 2016

Be still my heart. When this brass hardware re-awakening started showing up on the pages of my favorite design magazines I think I cried a little. We needed this!  I know I speak for designers everywhere when I say that everything had gotten a little (read: a lot) cold.  All at once the beige, beige world went white, and grey, …

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White Kitchen Cabinets

The Absence of Color – The Use of White Kitchen Cabinets

by Concept II, September 16, 2016

Did you say you want a kitchen design that is guaranteed to endure? While it’s true that interior design trends are fluid, and always changing, there is one thing that is ALWAYS going to be popular. White! And since you’re looking at a kitchen and bath design blog, we’re talking about white kitchen cabinets. In color psychology, white is the …

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Trends in Kitchen Design

Trends in Kitchen Design

by Concept II, May 13, 2016

Like fashion, the world of interior design maintains its classics, but is always progressing, often in the form of trends. Concept II kitchen and bath designer, Derek Pino is frequently confronted with the question “what’s the latest in kitchen design”? Grey Is The New White White paint has always been, and will always be recognized as an elegant and timeless …

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Open Shelving in the Kitchen

LIGHTEN(ed) UP(pers) – Exploring the Open Shelf Concept

by Concept II, March 3, 2016

Some friends of mine were house hunting last year.  They spent every weekend going to open houses, looking for the perfect one.  They were really excited about one in particular, it had a good location, two bathrooms, a big garage… let’s just say it ticked off all their boxes. The one drawback for them (there’s always one), was the kitchen …

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Concept II Tile Showroom in Rochester, NY

Making Tile Selection Stress-Free

by Concept II, February 5, 2016

When people walk into the Concept II tile showroom for the first time, they often have the same thought, “How do you pick?!” I know this is true because as a Tile Designer at Concept II, more often than not, I hear it said out loud. “How do you pick?…” That question is usually accompanied by wide eyes, and a …

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