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Arabesque Affection – The Use of Arabesque Tile Design

by Concept II, November 30, 2016

arabesque noun ar·a·besque Simple Definition of ARABESQUE: • a complicated decorative design made with many lines that curve and cross each other • a ballet position in which the dancer stands on one foot and holds one arm forward while the other arm and leg are held out behind Source: Merriam-Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary This shape and style has become SO …

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Trends in Kitchen Design

Trends in Kitchen Design

by Concept II, May 13, 2016

Like fashion, the world of interior design maintains its classics, but is always progressing, often in the form of trends. Concept II kitchen and bath designer, Derek Pino is frequently confronted with the question “what’s the latest in kitchen design”? Grey Is The New White White paint has always been, and will always be recognized as an elegant and timeless …

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Open Shelving in the Kitchen

LIGHTEN(ed) UP(pers) – Exploring the Open Shelf Concept

by Concept II, March 3, 2016

Some friends of mine were house hunting last year.  They spent every weekend going to open houses, looking for the perfect one.  They were really excited about one in particular, it had a good location, two bathrooms, a big garage… let’s just say it ticked off all their boxes. The one drawback for them (there’s always one), was the kitchen …

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Timeless Tile Design

Defining Timeless Tile Design

by Concept II, February 17, 2016

During the last ten years of working in this field, one of my greatest pleasures has been the observation of the evolution of design vocabulary.  I’ve even kept a little notebook of popular words and phrases that clients use to describe what they want.  I could probably write a blog on each one… maybe I will. What is the word …

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