White Kitchen Cabinets

The Absence of Color – The Use of White Kitchen Cabinets

by Concept II, September 16, 2016

Did you say you want a kitchen design that is guaranteed to endure? While it’s true that interior design trends are fluid, and always changing, there is one thing that is ALWAYS going to be popular. White! And since you’re looking at a kitchen and bath design blog, we’re talking about white kitchen cabinets. In color psychology, white is the …

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Mud Room Design

Muddie… Designing the Mud Room

by Concept II, August 16, 2016

Ahh…. the suburban American mud room, often it’s a casual (usually secondary) entryway to the house. It is typically intended as an area to remove and keep footwear and other outerwear.  As well as providing storage space through the use of well-designed cabinets, a mud room serves to increase the cleanliness of a house. This is an area of interior …

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