Steam Oven, Rochester, NY

Cooking With Steam – The Benefits of a Steam Oven

by Concept II, February 21, 2017

What’s the first thing you think of when I say steam oven? I think if you’ve even heard of one, you might be inclined to say that it’s a great way to cook things like vegetables and rice.  You may also be aware that cooking with steam is recognized as a very healthy way to cook because the ingredients are …

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Quartz Countertops, Rochester, NY

Concept II + Quartz Plus, True Partners in Rochester, NY

by Concept II, January 31, 2017

You have many options when it comes to choosing a countertop for a kitchen or bath remodel. We find that most of our customers are deciding between granite and quartz for a solid surface. In the Rochester, NY area, we have a great resource in Rocky Mountain Granite. The showroom on Basket Road in Webster is my recommended first stop …

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Cement Tile

Cemented in My Heart – The Use of Cement Tile

by Concept II, January 4, 2017

Have you ever been to our tile showroom? I only ask because if you haven’t shopped for tile lately, or if your experience is limited to the big box chains, you aren’t seeing the whole picture in tile. One of the most exciting developments is the supply and demand for encaustic cement tile. Similar to the clay tiles that came …

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Tile Backsplash

Arabesque Affection – The Use of Arabesque Tile Design

by Concept II, November 30, 2016

arabesque noun ar·a·besque Simple Definition of ARABESQUE: • a complicated decorative design made with many lines that curve and cross each other • a ballet position in which the dancer stands on one foot and holds one arm forward while the other arm and leg are held out behind Source: Merriam-Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary This shape and style has become SO …

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The Resurgence of Brass Hardware

The Devil is in the (Brass) Details – the Resurgence of Brass Hardware

by Concept II, October 5, 2016

Be still my heart. When this brass hardware re-awakening started showing up on the pages of my favorite design magazines I think I cried a little. We needed this!  I know I speak for designers everywhere when I say that everything had gotten a little (read: a lot) cold.  All at once the beige, beige world went white, and grey, …

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Floating Vanities in Rochester, NY

Floating Ideas… Floating Bathroom Vanities

by Concept II, September 26, 2016

I chose these three bathroom vanity images for the title banner because the first thing I want to do is dispel the myth that wall-hung or floating bathroom vanities are exclusively contemporary. Wildly different in feel, the above bathrooms are all benefiting from the use of wall-mounted bathroom vanities. I can think of so many reasons to consider this type …

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White Kitchen Cabinets

The Absence of Color – The Use of White Kitchen Cabinets

by Concept II, September 16, 2016

Did you say you want a kitchen design that is guaranteed to endure? While it’s true that interior design trends are fluid, and always changing, there is one thing that is ALWAYS going to be popular. White! And since you’re looking at a kitchen and bath design blog, we’re talking about white kitchen cabinets. In color psychology, white is the …

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