A Refined Bathroom Oasis Remodel

by Concept II, December 15, 2018

This refined oasis incorporates the bathroom and closet with the same finishes. The home owner had a vision for creating a minimalistic clean environment. To make this vision a reality, we blended simple lines with contrasting finishes. Transitional Wood Mode cabinetry is juxtaposed against the organic design and asymmetry of the free-flowing tub. The floor and wall tile is a ...

Realistic Renderings Help Visualize Design

by Concept II, June 12, 2018

What is the Kitchen or Bath Design Process? The design process begins with our client contacting us or coming into our showroom to inquire about our services. The next step is for one of our designers to come out to measure the space, if plans don’t already exist. Once measurements are made, the design phase begins. During the design phase ...

2018 Calls For Bold Color

by Concept II, May 25, 2018

2018 is the year of Ultra Violet, according to the Pantone Color Institute. We are half way through the year, but we continue to see kitchen and bath trends changing. More people are looking to make a statement with bold kitchen and bathroom color choices. The colors we choose for our homes reflect our personalities, desires and lifestyles. Pantone Color ...
The Resurgence of Brass Hardware

The Devil is in the (Brass) Details – the Resurgence of Brass Hardware

by Concept II, October 5, 2016

Be still my heart. When this brass hardware re-awakening started showing up on the pages of my favorite design magazines I think I cried a little. We needed this!  I know I speak for designers everywhere when I say that everything had gotten a little (read: a lot) cold.  All at once the beige, beige world went white, and grey, …

Floating Vanities in Rochester, NY

Floating Ideas… Floating Bathroom Vanities

by Concept II, September 26, 2016

I chose these three bathroom vanity images for the title banner because the first thing I want to do is dispel the myth that wall-hung or floating bathroom vanities are exclusively contemporary. Wildly different in feel, the above bathrooms are all benefiting from the use of wall-mounted bathroom vanities. I can think of so many reasons to consider this type …

Tile Waterfall

Chasing (Tile) Waterfalls

by Concept II, June 22, 2016

The waterfall, as a tiled shower design, termed tile waterfall, is a reaction to the widely used horizontal decorative tile band that has been around since Roman Bath houses.  Sometimes called a listel (French) or listello (Italian) this has been a go-to way to add color/design/sparkle/motif to the wall. Usually this band is narrow, only 3” or 4” wide, installed …

Spa-Like Bathrooms with Pebble Tile

Spa Day: Pebble Tile for a Spa-Like Bathroom

by Concept II, May 31, 2016

Maybe it’s because I’m going to the beach tomorrow, or maybe it’s because we just picked up a great new stone tile dealer, but I’ve got pebbles on my mind. Is the pebble stone tile look for everyone? No, it definitely is not. But if you’re looking for a casual, comfortable, natural bathroom design, pebble tile might work for you. …

Shower Niche

The Evolution of the Niche

by Concept II, April 20, 2016

Niche, nitch, notch, it doesn’t matter how you pronounce it, just make sure you mention it as a “want” when prioritizing your next remodeling project.  I can’t think of a space that wouldn’t be improved by having one. The best examples of the usefulness of a niche is in the shower walls.  Here, you can simply build into the wall, …